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sales videos

Sales Videos

To compete in a tough economy, your business needs a compelling message. Do your marketing tools deliver the impact you need? Do they motivate response from your target market? Get powerful results with sales videos that persuade your audience and compel action! 

Create excitement about your product or service with high-impact marketing and sales videos!

•  Promotional Videos
•  Product Demonstrations
•  Product Launch Video
•  Trade Show Kiosks
•  Investor Presentations
•  Viral Videos


Behind the Scenes 幕后花絮

MF Vision becomes an extension of your sales and marketing team.  Our consultative and proven approach uncovers new ways to boost your sales.  We make you look good and boost your bottom line.

Promotional Videos are our signature pieces. These videos tend to run longer than a Webmercial and provide a complete overview of a company, person, product or service.
Promotional Videos are typically 5-15 minutes in length and can include: facility tour, product demonstration, owner or key employee interviews, client testimonials, product or service in action, photos of past jobs, graphics & much more.

Typically a Promotional Video is accompanied by a complete script and professional Voice-over. A Promotional Video can be used online, on DVD, at a trade show, on sales calls or via an in-house system. Promotional video packages are customized to meet the needs and budget of the client.

Discovery Session

During the initial discovery session, we lead you through a series of exploratory questions designed to help us understand your industry, current selling process, and challenges.

•  Industry-specific challenges
•  Target market applications
•  Target audience and decision makers
•  Competitive landscape
•  Brand positioning
•  Unique selling proposition
•  Sales process mapping

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Vectis Eagle Documentry Video

English 05'13"
Client: Carisbrooke shipping

Yacht CREATOR 68

Client: Baochuan

Xin Qiao Cake Promotional Video

Chinese 15"
Client: Relax XinQiao Co

Carlson Hotels Group Corporate Video

English 02'18"
Client: Carlson Hotels Group

Kingkey Palace hotel

English 01'12"
Client: Kingkey Group

JuYuan TVC

Chinese 03'27"

B2B web promotional Video

Chinese 07'25"
Client: YueShang Website

BeiJin Park HYATT

English 2'57"
Client: Hyatt hotels Group

ELLE Marketing Display Video

Chinese 01'28"
Client: ELLE Magazine

ELLE promotional Video

Chinese 15"
Client: ELLE Magazine

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