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corperate video

Corperate videos

Do you need an engaging way to communicate your brand identity? Could your company benefit from clarifying your unique selling proposition? Impress your audience with a professional corporate video that tells your brand story while communicating your brand’s core values with clarity customers will remember.

Main Applications:

   •  Corporate Image Building
   •  Brand Films and Storytelling
   •  Investor Presentations
   •  Customer Testimonials
   •  Production Process Overviews


Behind the Scenes 幕后花絮



Major Benefits:

   •  Ensure that your company's message is delivered consistently
   •  Hold your viewer's attention better than any other medium
   •  Complement your existing print collateral and company website with video
   •  Boost memory retention by over 70% compared to print or radio
   •  Speed up complex buying decisions involving multiple stakeholders

Discovery Session

During the initial discovery session, we lead you through a series of exploratory questions designed to gain insight into your industry, business model, target audience, and brand identity. 

   •  Industry-specific challenges
   •  Competitive landscape
   •  Target audience and decision makers
   •  Brand positioning & core values
   •  Unique selling proposition


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Aerial video

Carris Broken Sea Trial

English Chinese

MF Vision Introduction

Chinese 02'49"
Client: MF Vision Shanghai

OTIS XiZi Corperate Image Video

Chinese 05'29"
Client: OTIS XiZi (China)

Xin Qiao Corperate Video

Chinese 02'36"
Client: Relax XinQiao Co

Renaissance promotional movie

English 06'31"
Client: Marriot Hotels Group

Aerial video

Shandong Jutao Heavy Industry Corporate Video

English Chinese

Juna Corporate Video (Effect Vision)

Client:Juna Hotels group

Juna Corporate Video

Client: Juna Hotels group

MOP Marketing Display Video

Chinese 02'59"
Client: MOP Website

Newsun Property

Chinese 0'31"
Client: Suzhou New Sun Ltd

Juna Corporate Video (En)

Client: Juna Hotels group

HZ Villa Report Corporate Video

Chinese 0'31"
Client: JWTV

Simao Garden Sales Video

Cantonese 07'09"
Client: Shimao Group

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