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event video production

Event and Interview Video Production

Live events are a proven and powerful way to create excitement about your organization. Producing a large event comes with a unique and complex set of challenges and requires a professional, experienced event production team with a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge.

We have experience in the largest convention and event city in Shanghai (China)- and know exactly how to produce the best possible show cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. We help our clients save 30% to 50% over what a hotel audio visual or event planning department would typically charge.

Interview Video:


Real Time Event video and Internet Broadcasting!

With the Internet becoming the television transmitter for all of us, now MF Vision can do live production and simultaneously generate files for the web, all in real time.

The moment your event is finished, your encoded file is ready for distribution! Imagine covering events that previously could never justify the cost of a professional multi-camera production, such as local government meetings, school productions, local sports, car racing, concerts, weddings, bands, communities, air shows and many more!



Here is an overview of the event production services we provide.

•  Audio and video production and capture on the day of the event
•  Projecting video on the day of the event  
•  on stie vision mix and boardcast
•  Managing the crew on the day of the event
•  Staging, lighting, audio and video production planning

We can lift the burden of producing your next event and ensure that your show runs smoothly and is a stunning success!

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Schaeffler Event Video Shanghai

English 02'16"
Client: Schaeffler China

Mandarin Oriental PR Video

Client: MO Shanghai

Akzon Global Color Week in China

Chinese 08'14"
Client: Akzonoble Co.,Ltd

Mercilow News Conference Video

Chinese 03'20"
Client: Mercilow China

CITS American Express Corperate Video

English 5‘17"
Client: CITS American Express

Talk to Olympic toucher corporate Video

Chinese 13'34"
Client: Carefour China

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