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Affordable Aerial Video

The small, remote control Helicam gets you the same great aerial videos that renting a plane can, but at a fraction of the cost. Avoid the hassle and expense of using a full size aircraft for projects that can be accomplished easily and economically with our Helicam UAV.

Based in Shanghai China, MF is a leading local provider of high quality, custom RC aerial photography and video. Delivering superior image and video solutions with superior technology. Using RC UAV capable of precise low-altitude flight.

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Easy to Use and Fly

MF Vision’s Aerial Vehicle uses advanced flight sensors, helping to self stabilize itself during flight. Magnetometers, ccelerometers, and a Barometric Pressure Sensor all work together with an advanced flight computer to let us concentrate on getting the best aerial pictures and video possible.

This method of aerial photography acquisition is a unique and affordable marketing tool with unlimited applications, eliminating the high costs associated with manned, full-size aircraft. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can safely take off and land in areas where full scale aircraft simply can not operate.

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Closer Range

The close range aerial filming via our radio controlled helicopter can access places full sized aircraft can not. The small size and light weight aircraft can fly closer to subjects with a low impact in the surrounding environment.

Just like digital take the place of film, the use of remote control aerial photography become an irreversible trend.

Industrial aerial photography sample:

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Instant Results. No Waiting.
Customer may be present during all shots and can direct the pilot and camera the way they want and view what is being shot via our live video down link LCD.
A ground based TV monitor and wireless downlink allow the customer to view real time imaging of the pre-determined target area. No waiting for a real helicopter to go back to the airport to see what you got!

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3 misunderstanding about aerial photography

1. Aerial photography is super expensive, ordinary company can not afford.
No, MF professional aerial photography services start at RMB 8,000

2. Aerial photography equals shooting from helicopter.
No, in practice, a typical helicopter is unsafe to operate below about 80 mph. Due to the size and operation, unmanned aircraft/balloon can take pictures, not previously possible from a full size helicopter.

3. the procedures of aerial photography is too long.
No, MF accept booking 4 days before if weather condition permits

Suitable for Birds eye view:
Real Estate Scenic Commercial
Construction Golf Courses Special Events
industrial sites government projects Residential developments

Our equipment allows us to fly digital cameras into locations that are unreachable with conventional methods. These unique capabilities, coupled with our staff's expertise, are helping us shape the future of aerial photography.

We can take aerial photographs anywhere from 2 - 400 meter from the ground. Due to the size and operation, we can take pictures, not previously possible from a full size helicopter.

We use digital camera for still pictures. This camera is linked to a downlink system, which allows the cameraman to view what the camera is looking at before the photo is taken.

pre-flight planning:

optimum altitude
camera angle
sun direction
wind direction

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