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Real Estate and Hotel Video Production

Bring your property to life

Our professional real estate videos provide your target audience with a rich and engaging experience that is sure to leave an impression.

We produce fully custom HD (high definition) videos that can effectively profile a wide range of property types including: residential developments, commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, luxury homes and company/agency profiles.


Behind the Scenes (How we achieve that? ):


Behind the Scenes 幕后花絮

With our proven experience, we make the production of your real estate video marketing easy with our 4-step process: pre-production, video production,post-production and final delivery. We take your project from concept to completion with a detail-oriented process.

Video services include:

Creates detailed ideas and storyboards
Professional HD real estate and hotel videography
Editing and Color Grading
aerial video shooting
time lapse
editing and custom motion graphics

Hotel Promotional Video Sample:



Hotel Video Production

MF literally brings luxury to life. Our film crews have been creating film-driven communication for over 10 years. We pride ourselves in using the latest and best film and edit equipment available, delivering a product that will last for 5 years or more.

When video is good, little needs to be said about its sales and marketing benefits. With huge consumer appeal, quality hotel video produces dramatic increases in click-through, conversion to purchase rates and brand desirability.

Hotel Training Video:


Property Exterior Aerial Video:


MF will produce your property a set of unique videos and design a Video Player customised to your brand. The player and videos can then be easily integrated into the hotel’s current website providing a gateway for your customers to see and feel more of what your hotel has to offer.

MF Vision creates detailed ideas and storyboards and provides complete hotel video production facilities, including lighting, art direction, talent and styling.

If you wish to promote your real estate, property, development or resort online - we can produce a compelling real estate video to attract the attention you are looking for. We are a full service HD video production company specializing in helping Real Estate Agents succeed in todays competitive market.

Did you know that 42% of people make a purchasing decision based on a video? Statistics also show that adding a video to a website will increase sales by as much as 35%. So, start maximizing your online presence today!

Delux Real Estate Promotional video:


Hotel video production process:

Day one (morning) on location is about preparation and walking the property with the General Manager and team, and looking at each of the areas on the shot list. We will discuss preparation for each area such as crisply ironing the bed sheets and pillows, setting meeting rooms for V.I.P treatment, and discussing which style of meeting room to set (Classroom, Theatre, Ushape, Rounds). We will also discuss the best times for each shoot, to avoid disrupting guests, but also to film when the natural lighting is at it’s best.

Sweeping panoramas, seductive details, aerial videos, time-lapse sequences – MF Vision’s three & four-day shoot (depending on option below) captures the unique essence of your location in stunning moving images.

The editing will take place back at the MF Vision studios and takes up to 10 days to be ready for the first presentation.

For a smaller budget MF Vision can create an elegant Photo-Video from your still photography.

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Beind the Scenes of a Luxury hotel TVC

Client: Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Crowne Plaza TVC 45'

Client: Crowne Plaza Xi'an

BSBD interior promotional video

Client: Luhuitou Developer

Maxido Shenyang

Client: RTKL Design

Angsana Tengchong Resort

Client: Banyan Tree 悦榕庄

Mixc Nanning Architect

Client: RTKL Architectual

All in one

Client: Ban San Ban Dao Real Estate Sanya

New Element Restaurant

Client: New Element

Jiangxi Aerial video

Client: Jiangxi Henmao

BoWei Aerial TVC V30-1

Client: Bowei Kunshan

Mandarin Oriental PR Video

Client: MO Shanghai

Taohuayuan Realestate Promotional film

English 中文
Client: Green City

Our Speciality:

- Hotel Video

- Resort Video

- Real Estate Advertising

- Property TVC

- Luxury Real Estate Video

- Aerial Video



Our Clients:




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