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How much does it cost to produce a video?


Answer: It Depends!

When choosing a video production company, you will be quoted a range prices based on their understanding of the project. Be careful not to base your decision on the lowest price. Make sure you know what you are getting in that price. Insist on a breakdown of the budget items before signing a contract. This will make it easier to compare prices of different video production companies.

Quotes for video production are a consultative process to discover the details about the video project in order to give an exact price quote for the project.

This document was developed to share costs elements that every production company deals with to get you the quote for you corporate video project. Hopefully this will help you as you look for the best price and quality for your video project.

There are the ballpark figures that we often use to start the project discovery process are the following:

• $3,000 -$6,000 per minute of production
• $5,000 – $20,000 up to 3 minutes of video
• $8,000 for a complex 60 – 90 second motion graphic video with voice over
• $18,000 for a 2 actor three minute spot

• $3,000 -$6,000 每分钟的制作费用
• $5,000 – $20,000 长度到达3分钟的影片
• $8,000 对一个60-90秒的,并且有画外音的复杂动画项目
• $18,000 2个演员3分钟的内容

There are too many variables to give an exact quote on the spot. Do we end up at these prices? Usually not.

As the project scope gets defined and budgets are revealed, all parties move to a certian point of agreement.

Project A at $x,xxx.xx dollars. Sometimes the client gives in on production requirements and the producution company gives a little on price or hours to complete the project.

Video Production Cost Drivers
Lets take a look at ten basic cost drivers for video production that MF Studios factors into every project

quote 报价:
1. Project Management

2. Script Development

3. Talent
• On-screen Actor(s)
• Voice over artist
• Extras
• Customers (Release form required)
• 出境演员
• 旁白
• 额外费用
• 群众演员 (需要肖像弃权书)

4. Video Assets
• Images needed
• Stock photos (Royalty free)
• Licensed photos
• Custom photography
• Video
• Stock video (Royalty free)
• Licensed video
• Custom video
• Illustrations/3d elements
• 3D models
4. 视频材料
• 图片
• 图片库图片 (无版权)
• 授权图片
• 定制图片
• 视频
• 影片库影片 (无版权)
• 授权影片
• 定制影片
• Illustrations/3d 元素
• 3D建模

5. Special Effects/Animations
5. 特效/动画

6. Location
• Studio rental
• Fees and permits
• Local or travel
• Building rental
• 摄影棚租赁费用
• 申请外景拍摄费用
• 当地拍摄或交通费用
• 外景租赁费用

7. Music
• Stock music (Royalty free)
• Custom score
7. 音乐
• 库音乐(无版权)
• 定制乐谱

8. Crew
• DP Director of Photography
• Camera operator(s)
• Lighting
• Sound
• Assistant(s)
8. 制作班底
• 制片人
• 摄像师
• 灯光师
• 录音师
• 助理

9. Rendering and compression time

10. Overhead
• Equipment (Cameras, Lights, Sound, Studio, Computers)
• Rent
• 设备(摄像机,灯光,录音,摄影棚,计算机)
• 租金

There are typical scoping questions a video production company might ask their clients to identify the scope of the video project. Once the scope has been finalized, getting a quote for the project is now possible.

In order to provide an accurate cost for video production, you will need to provide your video production vendor with information about the video project and what you are trying to achieve with your video. As you plan your video production, be prepared to answer the following list of questions:

1. What is the purpose of the video?

2. What do you want the video to achieve?
•   Go viral
•   Educate and train
•   Increase brand awareness
•   Launch a new product or service
•   Attract new customers
•   快速传播
•   教育教学
•   加强品牌认知
•   开展新的产品或新的服务
•   吸引更多客户

3. Target Audience:
•   Who is going to watch the video?
•   Why would they watch the video?
•   Where would they find or see the video?
•   How will the video be delivered?
3. 目标客户
•   谁会来观看这个视频?
•   他们为什么要看?
•   他们在哪里看?
•   该影片如何传播?

4. Where will the program be seen?
• Web
• Presentations
• Tradeshows
• Your web video platform
4. 这个影片会在哪里播放?
• 网络
• 展示
• 贸易会
• 公司网站

5. Describe the content:
• Provide a description of content/key messages which you want the video to get across?
5. 描述内容:
• 提供一个对需要影片的概要描述

6. What is the target video length?

7. What production elements are required?
• On-screen presenter
• Voice-over narration
• Corporate officer (CEO, VP, Director)
• Talent (for role plays, professional presenters, etc.)
• Customer testimonial
• Graphics (charts, diagrams, bullet-points, etc.)
• Music
• Key photos/2D and 3D images
• 出境人员
• 解说,画外音
• 公司行政人员 (CEO, VP, 总监)
• 演员 (角色,专业出镜)
• 顾客推荐
• 图片 (图标,图解,要点)
• 音乐
• 2D,3D图片

While computing costs, bear in mind that the following item lines should be clearly spelt out:
• Treatment of Synopsis and Script development
• Equipment (Camcorder/Microphones/Lighting etc.)
• Crew including voice talent for narration.
• Musical score (1 song) Patented copy right
• Video editing (Non-Linear)
• Consumables (Mini-DV Cassettes/DVDs etc.)
• DVD Duplication
• Crew Accommodation during filming
• Transport of crew

• 概要和剧本创作
• 设备(摄像机/麦克风/灯光等等)
• 人员,包括配音员
• 音乐,乐谱
• 后期编辑(线性剪辑)
• 耗损品(磁带/DVD)
• DVD复制
• 摄制人员住宿
• 摄制人员交通费用

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